Our first book, The Whale Party

To actually see your first book come to life feels wonderful, and then to view it on the internet in the Amazon and iBooks store makes the whole process of publication very rewarding.

The Whale Party is a story I made up for my daughter when she was young and it fed into her interest in whales. She always enjoyed hearing how the heroine of the story – Lauren - danced with whales, met with Old Blue, the King of the Whales, and how she dived into a whale-sized bowl of jelly and created tunnels as she ate her way through it. Now, Laurens’ Whale Party adventures are a published story! I hope that other young children will find the tale exciting and fun and maybe it will ignite their imaginations too, and by doing so strengthen their curiosity, and perhaps encourage independent thinking.

“We’re not for eating!” Shouted Lauren, “We’re off to the Whale Party and there is lots and lots of food there – far more than there is here.”   “Is that so?” said the Shark, “Why should we not have a little taste now?”   “Because, because……we know the way there and if you eat us, you will only have morsels when you could have a huge feast!” said Lauren, who was pretty good at thinking on her fish, don’t you think?”

I have been working with Glenn for nearly two years now on how to bring my short adventure stories for children to publication. Glenn had lots of ideas on how this could be achieved for The Whale Party making bright, memorable illustrations of the characters involved and background scenes filled with undersea objects. He has captured the feel of the story and has made the characters burst into life from the prose.

Both of our ebooks "The Whale Party" and "The Dinosaur who built a wall" are available on Amazon Visit and itunes