Wonky Honky Branding

We wanted the brand to be fun, memorable and to contain an attractive, quirky child-like persona. It was through the interaction of Tonko Stuurman and myself, Glenn Jenner as author and illustrator, respectively, that we combined our creative thoughts and our separate yet similar views.Through the melding together of this combination of ideas and beliefs Wonky Honky was born.

In addition to the illustration work I also works in graphic and web design. As you may know, there is always much frustration, mental pain, lots of grunting and many cups of tea before you can feel happy with a logo for a brand that is created from scratch. And we do feel pleased!

It was Tonko who came up with the name and after several meetings over the occasional breakfast in our favourite Reading cafe we both agreed on the concept that I put forward. It needed to have the two of us within it as we are the founders of Wonky Honky, it was more about which one of us is Mr Wonky and who is Mr Honky, maybe we will keep that one a secret.

The Purple and Green to me just shouted fun and friendly and the addition of the scribbled sun helped to hold the logo together.

The font choice is always one of the first things to consider and after getting to the best of three, the winner was a font called Barrio. It had a mixture of thick and thin lines and a slightly dare I say it wonky nature which I felt was right for us. I wanted to incorporate the two gentlemen so as their heads connected to the two O's to form a character. Finally I wanted an element that could firstly hold the logo together and also be used as an independent motif to be used for our social media avatars. So this is where I introduced the the scribbled sun, without getting to analytic it was meant to have that "wake up, rise and shine" aspect about it. So here we are, our new brand which we hope will carry the ideas behind Wonky Honky books forward in our new adventure.