The Dinosaur who built a wall

Our second book: The Dinosaur who built a wall

The idea for our new book - The Dinosaur Who Built a Wall - sprang to life when my son suggested writing a children's book with a dinosaur theme. I was thinking of a space-themed story, and adapted that to one for the age of dinosaurs. I thought the story should show enterprise coming from a very young dinosaur. In gorilla society, it seems a lot of the innovation that happens within it begins with the young, so borrowing that idea, I brought it into play for the dinosaur age society.

Young people are very creative if they are free to be, and so using that thought, our hero, Da Vinci del Jurassic (DVJ) was born. It was fairly easy to see him plodding about in the mud and goo, and making footprints. I felt that he needed to do something good to help his mother and something mischievous that would help them live more comfortably with the threat of the ferocious carnivores of the day.

DVJ set about playing with mud and clay and soon developed his game in a way that he had not foreseen. He built a 'dino-cliff' behind which he could hide with his mum and be safe. But not content with that, he wanted to make sure that the meat-eaters would not be so keen to hunt them and make them run away. So, he started experimenting with mud balls and found he could throw them at enemies using his tail. Soon, he was able to make life just uncomfortable enough for the meat-eaters that they gave up hunting his little family.

DVJ waited a long while longer before peering over the top. On the other side of the wall all the plants had been destroyed in the efforts of Gigantosaurus to break into the enclosure. There were smashed trees, torn up bushes, trampled grasses and even some of the dino-pads had become loosened and cracked. But the wall had held.

So, the moral of the story is that no matter how young you are, you can always come up with surprising ideas with a little constructive brain-power.  Children of all ages can be creative and you never know where that may take them.